A journey through the senses...

especias de oriente

Launch in a luxury gastronomic cruise that will land at Moroccan and French harbors. Let yourself be surprised by brilliant new dishes and the perfection of the classics. Pascal Restaurant is located at the heart of Los Cristianos, in Southern Tenerife. The French chef Pascal Pantani has created here a place of pleasant and exotic ambience with his unique personal touch. Its proximity to the harbor guarantees fresh local fish all year round.

Among its Mediterranean specialities, the foie is one of the classics that have always distinguished the touch of Pascal Pantani. You can also choose from our Season Menu or from the blackboard that changes everyday depending on the fresh market products.

Ask for the suggestions of the day or see our menu-card of season.

"Mediterranean cuisine is first of all a state of mind: the quality and freshness of our products are our priority; Imagination will make the rest…"

Season's Menu-Carte

    Season's Menu €38 - starter, main course and dessert(7% I.G.I.C. not included)

    Starters (or a la carte, €13.50)
  •      King scallops pan fried on chopped vegatables and exotic fruits on sweet and sour spicy Thai sauce, roasted peanuts.
  • or:  Home-made duck foie gras slow cooked on terrine with Armagnac and Kampot pepper, daily home-made marmelade, toasts.
  • or:  Burgundy Snails x6 stuffed with garlic anised butter.
  • or:  Sea Food Tasting home-made wild smoked Salmon with Laspsang Souchong smoked tea, Espadon sardines rillettes, crunchy wild king prawns stuffed with crab, cod fish croquette on Dijon Aioli, Red Tuna “Tataki” with sesame seed.
  • or:  Galician mussels gratined with garlic, tomatoes, butter and soft cheese.
  • or:  Home-made fish soup served with garlic bread and Rouille sauce.
  • or:  Wagyu beef carpaccio topped with Reggiani Parmesan cheese, wild argula, aged balsamic vinegar, argan oil, pine nuts
  • or:  Lamb, sweet and sour Moroccan fine pastilla with prune and roast almonds, orange slices
  • or:  French goat cheese Crottin de Chavignol, crispy, mixed salad leaves, berries, smoked duck breast lardons, walnuts oil
    Main Course (or a la carte, €19.50 )
  • or:  Cod fish slow cooked on bambu charcoal mash potatoes lightly smoked, shellfish tomatoes juice flavoured with preserved lemon and Kalamata olives.
  • or:  Wagyu Beef Tartare topped with papillon Roquefort cheese, fried potatoes with rosemary.
  • or:  Galician octopus roasted on creamy pumpkin, deep fried Iberian chorizo lardons.
  • or:  Slow cooked organic breast fattened chicken stuffed with spinach and Scarmoza Italian cheese, tomatoes-Basil coulis, Emental cheese and mash potatoes.
  • or:  Suckling lamb spit-roasted Moroccan way, spicy tomatoes harissa sauce, couscous grain with braised vegatables and dried currants.
  • or:  King scallops pan fried on red coconut curry sauce, stir fried vegetables and jasmine steam rice
  • or:  Grilled wild fish of the day, Provençal ratatouille, French espelette chili, Bouillabaisse juice
    Desserts (or a la carte, €6.50 )
  •      Daily Desserts
  • or:  Cheese board

    Bread: 1 €/person


  • Goat cheese on red onions tatin tart, short red whine and lavander honey gravy ...10,00€
  • Sea bream “ceviche” with citrus ...14,50€
  • Pan fried lobster on pineapple tartar, exotic mango-passion fruit vinaigrette, truffles oil and slices of truffles ...22,00€
  • Pan fried duck liver on made home fig jam ...18,00€
  • Duck liver “duo”, pan fried and terrine ...18,00€
    Main courses
  • Sliced of beef tenderloin on a bed of truffle potato “purée” sauted mushrooms, porcini mushrooms veal sauce ...22,00€
  • Chicken tenderloin and grilled pineapple on coconut red curry sauce, jasmine steam rice and vegetables ...14,50€
  • Pan fried king prawns and salmon on coconut and red curry sauce, black “venere” rice ...16,00€
  • "Tataki" bluefin tuna on black sesame, teriaky sauce, jasmine steam rice and baby lettuce ...18,00€
  • Pan fried scallops on provencal tomatoes basil sauce, baby lettuce with white truffles oil ...19,50€
  • Braised veal sweat bread on “bourguignone” whine sauce with porcini mushrooms ...18,00€
  • John Dory fish filet on “bouillabaisse” sauce ...21,00€
  • Beef tenderloin “Rossini” with duck liver and black truffles sauce ...23,00€
  • Royal “couscous” with lamb, chicken and vegetables ...17,00€



"A great experience for the senses… each plate is unique…"
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"I've taken a long time to get this review on site. This restaurant is not only excellent it is reasonably priced considering both the quality of food and service but also the ambiance of the restaurant...."
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You can already book your table for 24th and 25th December, don't miss our special Christmas Menu-carte. Also read what Chef Pascal has selected for you to enjoy a great New Year's Eve Dinner:  (download menu)